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Beko HII64500FHT Induction Hob - Black

Beko HII64500FHT Induction Hob - Black
Product Code: HII64500FHT
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Beko HII64500FHT Induction Hob - Black

The sleek Beko HII64500FHT induction hob offers efficient and fast cooking, all at the touch of your fingertip. It's also incredibly easy to clean, thanks to its ceramic glass finish. Boasting a wide range of intelligent features, you can adjust the settings so that the hob can meet all your cooking needs.

Induction Heating - This easy-to-use heating technology recognises the sizes of your pots and pans and only heats the surface of the pan, saving you money on your energy bills by cooking more efficiently. This hob is extremely flexible, as you can use the Touchslider control to combine two hob zones into one. Heat indicators display an H to warn you if the hob is still hot.

Easy to Clean - Because heat is only omitted to the pan’s surface, anything that spills over the edge will not stick to the hob. The flat surface is completely smooth, so you can easily wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

Booster Function - You can program the cooking zones to cook on maximum power, then return to the chosen heat once they’ve boiled to save time. This also prevents food from burning or boiling over.

Touchslider Control - Change the settings of your hob at the touch of a fingertip. Just slide your finger across the surface controls to change your hob from keeping something warm to the Booster setting.

Amperage - 32A

Dimensions - H 5.5 x W58 x D51 cm

Brand - Beko

Control Position - Front

Fuel Type - Electric

Hob type - Induction

Ignition - Automatic

Number of Burners 4

Residual Heat Indicator - Yes

Touch Control - YES

Type – Integrated

Graded product new, with no obvious marks to the front.

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